TAP Guidelines and Funding Opportunities

The ports’ Technology Advancement Program (TAP) is focused on clean technologies and associated infrastructure for port-related mobile sources that operate in and around ports. The ports have identified TAP funding priorities to include demonstration of pre-commercial zero- or near-zero emission technologies for harbor craft, ships and locomotives as well as innovative charging infrastructure for all port source categories. Only zero-emission project concepts will be considered for cargo-handling equipment due to advancements in technology. Project concepts that propose to demonstrate innovative or new infrastructure solutions for zero-emission Class 8 trucks are also eligible under the TAP. Please note that zero-emission Class 8 trucks themselves are no longer eligible for TAP funding since they are considered commercial products.

The ports use two approaches to identify and support potential projects. One approach is through the TAP Request for Information (RFI) pathway, which allows a proposer to submit a project concept through an online portal at any time. Projects with approved concepts will be invited to submit a full proposal; however, an invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee funding will be awarded. The second approach is for when the ports elect to develop a project or open a competitive solicitation around a specific technology. For those interested in the solicitation process, please follow the links to register with each port:

Port of Long Beach:

Port of Los Angeles:

For more information on project eligibility, match funding requirements, and the selection process, please review the TAP Guidelines in the link below.

When you are ready to submit a project concept, please complete the form below. A personal login and password are not required, and you may save your progress and complete the form within 30 days of beginning.

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