TAP Guidelines and Funding Opportunities

The Ports’ Technology Advancement Program is focused on clean technologies and associated infrastructure for port-related mobile sources that operate in and around ports. The Ports have identified TAP funding priority to include zero- or near-zero emissions cargo-handling equipment, harbor craft technologies, ship technologies, locomotive technologies and near-zero and zero-emissions heavy-duty on-road trucks.

As a competitive funding program, the Ports use several approaches to identify and support potential projects. An Open Request for Information (RFI) is now available where a proposer may upload and submit a concept paper through an online portal at any time. Projects with approved concepts will be invited to submit a full proposal; however, an invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee funding will be awarded. Other approaches may include Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Port-Initiated Projects to spur technology development or if there are multiple interests in demonstrating a certain technology. Be sure to check the website periodically for news and announcements regarding funding opportunities!

More information on project identification, selection and award is found in the TAP Guidelines:

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